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                   January 2015 Catalogs - !! 

Our NEW Catalogs contain over 220 exciting collector-grade S&W revolvers and semi-auto pistols in high-grade condition, along with a dozen Colt revolvers and semi-autos -  plus two Winchester Mod. 1885’s - one High Wall and one Low Wall.  

Both the Antique and Modern S&W catalogs have a fine selection of rare and scarce models, as do the various Colt’s which include two Pre-War National Match .45’s !!  <> Be sure to look over each listing carefully to find exactly the guns you need to fill  the open slots in your collection or add a new piece to those already stashed away <>   

We are pleased to be offering the remaining few items from the S&W collection of William J. “Bill” Orr, one of the original founding members of the SWCA.  Many among the thousands of S&W’s he’s owned over the past 60 years have been featured in numerous books publications since the 1960’s.  The selection very good and the condition of each gun is superb.  Check this catalog closely and don’t miss out in finding a really neat S&W that will fit your collecting interest !!

Again, make certain to read each listing in detail -- you’ll be truly surprised at what all is offered this time around that will make great additions to your collection !! 

These new catalogs contain many of the finest and rarest guns we’ve ever offered for sale.  Feel free to call or e-mail with any questions you may have, or with suggestions on how we may improve our offerings. 

Special Note:  There are a number of guns in each of our catalogs that are in the process of being photographed.  In the many busy months now behind us, our staff has just not had the time to get to all of them.  We wanted to get these new catalogs on-line quickly, and thus we have posted the listings on all the guns in advance of some photos not having been taken yet.  Please be patient as we work toward completing the job, and know that you can fully trust our written descriptions.  

As always, we send our true thanks to each and every one of you for all the support and encouragement that we continue to enjoy through the relationships shared with you year after year.  We wish you and your family a “Happy New Year 2015” filled with an abundance of peace & goodwill, health & happiness, and great success !!

David Carroll


VIEW CATALOG:  Click on a link below to view - download one of the new catalogs.

Antique Catalog (in Adobe PDF format)
Modern Catalog (in Adobe PDF format)
Colt Catalog (in Adobe PDF format)
Bill Orr Catalog (in Adobe PDF format)


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